Monday, January 26, 2009

Site Update

hey gang! It's Whitey Mandello here, and at the bequest of site founder and historian, Gilbert Vaio, I'm posting to let you folks know about all the great things going on here at... so far, so good, so what.

For one thing, we have a new banner! What do you think? Radical or Awesome? Fun or Exciting? I know, I know, it's all of those things... and more! And it's only the beginning... also new to the site are video blogs, from GILBERT VAIO himself! In the hidden-flesh and bad hats, and everything! Now, you can get all the thoughts, opinions, news and views, and whatever else is on his mind, direct from his mind, thru his voice... and camera! Amazing stuff! Feel free to post your thoughts on his video blogs, 'cause if I know Gilbert, and I kinda do, what he really wants to know is whether or not you like his hat(s). Please, please, please, ... let him know. Comment away! Let me be the first... (clears throat)..." your hats are gay"... end disposition.

Anyway, the basic point is, were here to have fun, start lively conversations about the cowboys and legionairres disease, and more! So, join in, comment away, and be sure to send Gilbert your picture and social security number (just for fun, okay?)

Peace out!

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