Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Today everybodies lives have in some way been touched by cancer.In the elmira new york area there are a lot of cancer charity funds.The most famous is Ernie davis.Ernie davis played for syracuse university and won the heisman trophy.He was drafted by the cleavland browns.Every year in elmira ny the have the Ernie davis award given to the best football player in the area.In elmira is also the Ernie davis community center helping kids all the time.Elmira also had Joel stevens played football for elmira notre dame and was drafted in baseball by baltimore.He died of colon cancer.There is a Joel stevens award elmira notre dame gives out and a memorial golf charity tournament every year in elmira.The tournament is so popular there is a waiting list now.In mansfield pa there is a baseball tournament held for Joel stevens charity.Many baltimore players come and participate.Josh palmer was diagnosed with hodgkins disease in college.He is a survivor and holds a charity basketball tournament every year around christmas.Elmira holds many race for the cure events.Elmira is a caring charitable place.


ernie davis community center
362 e.5th street
elmira,ny 14901

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