Monday, January 18, 2010

Dallas derailed

Collin cowherd called Wade philips the marshmello on dallas cowboys sideline.he critized wade for saying the vikings know how to run up the score.I have been a big cowboys fan all my life and i dont think the vikings ran up the score.The cowboys had a lot of hype going into the vikings game most e.s.p.n. commentators thought the cowboys were gonna win big.It was said romo finally became of age and the cowboys defense would beat favre.Obviously this didnt happen romo had no time to throw the ball and they couldnt run the ball.The defense didnt stop anyone.Wade philips sure isnt his pop bum philips and wade will probably get fired.Its ironic that rex ryans father legend buddy ryan maybe did pass down his coaching genes to his son.Its way to early to judge rex even if they do lose to the colts.On a brighter note for the cowboys Chris burman on n.f.l. blitz said this cowboy team reminded him of the 91 cowboy team,meaning they may be a couple years away from superbowl champions.Lets hope so cowboy fans.