Saturday, July 19, 2008

supported employment

Supported employment is a wonderful program.It is part of capabilities.The program gives support to disabled people who want to work.They supply many services they give pre work classes on many topics to empower you to be successful in the work place.They make you resumes and post them on line they help you with the applications with interview skills they do mock interviews.They will be with you on the job until your comfortable.They play as active a role in your job as you want.They help set life goals besides employment and always call you back when you call.They will even meet with you after their hours if your on the night shift.I love the program the people are nice and friendly and act as friends.They arent condesending to they give individual attention even tho they have big case loads.I would recommend the program to anyone.


I worked for wegmans food mart for 8 years.I started pushing carts for them i did that for 3 years.Then i did maintenance and pushed carts.Then i was awarded a position inside in the grocery department.I participated in wegmans charity work money was deducted from my pay for the united way.Now i work with a program called supported emloyment through capabilities.I had an employment specialist or job coach who helps a lot.These people come to the job or offsite if you want and talk to you about problems you have at work.They help you solve the problems and talk to your boss about the problems and your progress on the job.You have to be refered to them through vesid vocational education for the disabled another great program.I dont have a perfect record at wegmans i admit ive had problems.My job coach has had meetings with my superiors.I have been suspended but i dont feel wegmans is sympathetic to my anxiety problems.I have ocd and anxiety.I developed diabetes a few months before i was fired and this caused foot problems i had to sit down sometimes because of my feet.The day i was fired i was called into the employee reps office and told i had my last chance and need to be let go.I was told to sign papers i was very nervous i couldnt think what to say.Every other time i did something that i had problems my job coach was called before i knew and we all had a meeting.This time my job coach wasnt informed i was just told to sign these papers look them over and sign.Then i clocked out and i went directly to my job coach he was shocked.He went over and talked to them but they didnt want to hear it.This happened feb 11 since them ive been working with a new therapist and psychiatrist my diabetes is under control i work out and the foot dr gave me corrective shoes that help a lot.Id like to work again to take pride in myself instead of drawing ssd but there are no jobs