Friday, January 30, 2009

This is the end

Is the end of the world almost here?Is Jesus return here?Christians believe when isreal became a nation again Jesus was coming soon.People in Jesus day believed the end was near.Countless people have tried to calculate a date and sold all their possessions.Throughout history there have been wars and rumors of war earthquakes and disasters.Jesus said look up your salvation comes near when these things happen.Do we see more of these things today because the world is so connected by sattilites and the Internet or are things really getting worse.More people are leaving the church because of the corruption.I myself was raised and baptized a catholic.So was whitey we both went to catholic school all the way through.I became a Christian a couple years ago and go to a Protestant church.My family wasn't very happy about it.I'm not sure how religious whitey is I don't think very much.but the point is how much worse if the world is getting worse can it get.the climate is changing economy is changing if we get any worse I don't wanna be here.I hope Jesus does come back to save us all soon.