Friday, February 19, 2010

Soap opera part trey

My moms husband was charged with harassment and has to to back to court Thursday.I'm not surprised he pleaded guilty he has always taken responsibility for his actions I have to give him that.Plus there's evidence against him.I don't think this is completely over either tho .He is a vindicative guy who if he likes you he will do a lot to help you, but if you screw him he will screw you ten times harder.He already laid that foundation by threatening to call the IRS.I hope my mom finally realizes he don't love her any more.on valentines day they exchanged presents and went to lunch.I feel he's playing her for a fool and trying to make out better in the divorce.He even said he loves her but he loved his boyfriend to.My counselor told me with a protective order my mom can get in as much trouble for contacting him as he could.I hope my mom dosent learn the hard way.
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