Wednesday, August 20, 2008

supported employment services

Supported employment service is one part of capabilities inc.Capabilities inc is a non profit corporation that assists people with employment barriers to obtain their optimal vocational goals.Supported employment services is located at 1149 sullivan st in elmira ny.Vesid (vocational and educational services for individuals with disabilities)or cbvh(commision for the blind or visually handicap)has to refer people to supported employment services.Supported employment services is funded by state and county grants this means there is no cost to the consumer.The services are broken down into two phases:intensive and extended
Intensive services supplies a employment specialist.The goal is to find employment built around your needs and interests.creating resumes,assisting in completing applications,preparing for interviews,and developing basic job skills.Individuals can be in the intensive phase for up to 18 months then vesid will review the case and extend services as appropriate.Once you develop stability on the job the extended phase starts
Extended services assists you with maintaining employment and advancing in your career.