Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Is an anxiety disorder characterized by excessive uncontrollable and often irrational worry,about everyday things which is disproportionate to the source of worry.The excess worry interferes with daily living like thinking the worst is gonna happen in health matters,money or familymatters.People with G.A.D.exhibit a variety of physical symptons like:fatigue,headache,nausea,muscle tension,difficult swallowing,trembling,insomnia,sweating,hot flashes.These symptons must be persistant for at least 6 months for a diagnosis.About 6.8 million american adults experience G.A.D.It affects twice as much women as men.About 2.8% of the adult population 18-54.

Some research shows G.A.D. may run in families and usually start at earlier age.Symptons may manifest slower than other anxiety disorders.

treatment may include antianxiety meds or/and antidepressants.

Behavioral therapy relaxation techniques

cognitive therapy teaches patients to react differently to the situations and bodily sensations that trigger anxiety symptoms.
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