Sunday, August 31, 2008


Whats the best way to explain an employment gap?It depends on the situation and what you did when you werent employed.
When listing dates on your resume you dont need to list the month/year if you were in the position for over a year or if your position spans multiple years.For example you could say 2000-2004(rather than june 2000-july2004)this gives you some room to cover the gaps.
Start your resume with a summary statement and career highlights section so you are highlighting your skills and accomplishments rather when you did what.
Did you volunteer or freelance when you werent employed.These experiences count as work and can be used on your resume.List them as you would other jobs.
Whats most important is to tell the truth.If you lie it will probably come back to haunt you.Employers verify work historyHonesty is the best policy good luck!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Filling out an application is very important make sure your application is:



3)has your job descriptions


5)shows contiuity in work history they will ask about gaps

Try not to use red flag words like: fired,quit,personal conflict,dissatisfied,arrested,fight with supervisior,didnt like the work,personal problems,no transportation

Use words like:mutual agreement,relocation,resigned,temp employment,seeking advancement,needed career change/growth
good luck

Friday, August 29, 2008

your rights as an employee with a disability

The americans with disabilities act requires employers to treat workers with disabilities equal in every part of employment.People with disabilities cannot be discriminated against because of their disability.

2)Employers cannot ask any question on the application that would give them information about your disability.example they couldnt ask would you need accommodations to do this job.

3)You can tell them if you want about your disability but they cant ask

4)Once you are offered the job you can ask about special accommodations you need on your job.Your employer can ask you for a letter from your dr confirming you need accommodations.

5)You have the right to all benefits the other employees receive.You cannot be denied health insurance

for more information call the disability resource group at 770-451-2340 or visit the website at

When you tell others about your disability you should anticipate misunderstanding and not be thrown off by them.Have information ready to correct the misconception.Try not to get defensive but be sympathetic about others point of view.
For more information on the americans with disabilities act of 1990 write to the
equal employment opportunity commission
1801 L street
nw,washington dc 20507
phone 202-663-4900

Thursday, August 28, 2008


On the day of the interview you should dress appropriatly.If the job requires a suit and tie you should wear a suit and tie to the interview.Otherweis wear a nice suit and tie dress casually.Arrive at the interview 15 minutes early at least.Dont talk to much just answer the questions.Try to be as positive and confident as you can.Stress work ethic,dependability,punctuality.Some questions they may ask you are
1) tell me a little about yourself

2)what is your greatest strength

3)what is your greatest weakness

4)where do you see yourself in 10 years

5)what contribution can you make to the company

6)who is your role model

7)why did you leave your last job

8)how do you handle mistakes

9)what is your most notable accomplishment

always be positive be neat and clean shave dont fidget around to much eye contact ask your own questions like what do people like about working here good luck!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

supported employment services

Supported employment service is one part of capabilities inc.Capabilities inc is a non profit corporation that assists people with employment barriers to obtain their optimal vocational goals.Supported employment services is located at 1149 sullivan st in elmira ny.Vesid (vocational and educational services for individuals with disabilities)or cbvh(commision for the blind or visually handicap)has to refer people to supported employment services.Supported employment services is funded by state and county grants this means there is no cost to the consumer.The services are broken down into two phases:intensive and extended
Intensive services supplies a employment specialist.The goal is to find employment built around your needs and interests.creating resumes,assisting in completing applications,preparing for interviews,and developing basic job skills.Individuals can be in the intensive phase for up to 18 months then vesid will review the case and extend services as appropriate.Once you develop stability on the job the extended phase starts
Extended services assists you with maintaining employment and advancing in your career.

Monday, August 18, 2008

understanding emotional eating

Emotional eating is eating to fill psychological needs.When you experience this type of an urge to eat you might be aware that you dont really feel hungry you just feel like eating.At times you may have a craving for a treat food.Even more puzzling are the times you feel hungry even when you have just eaten a lot.From early on we have all been given food for many reasons besides hunger.; to express love or approval,to show hospitality,or to help us cope with negative experiences.Eating gets associated with feeling better.Now when you feel bad you may also feel hungry this may cause several problems
-it is hard for you to get a satisfaction from food you often want more than regular amounts

-you may only feel satisfied when you feel stuffed

-even when you get satisfied you feel hungry usually soon compared to others

Sunday, August 17, 2008

starting over with vesid

When you are part of supported employment (capabilities) and you are fired or quit a job you and your job coach have 12 weeks to find another job or they close your case.When your case is closed you start the whole process over again.You have to go to vesid and fill out paper work and get an intake interview.Vesid has 90 days to decide to open your case or not.If you are open then you have another intake appointment and decide if you want to work or get training or school.If you choose work you go to capabilities and do another intake with a lot of paper work and develop your work plan jobs youd like and not like and your working goals.Then you go to meet your employment specialist and go over your work plan and goals and you get started on finding a job. I was fired feb 8 and had my first appointment with my job coach aug 10 the process takes about 6 months but it is worth it. this is a link to vesid


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