Wednesday, February 24, 2010

See you in 30

Last night one of my Facebook friends wrote a update that made me think.He wrote surgery tomorrow if I don't wake up ill see most of you in about 30 years.This made me think about many things I don't know the persons belief system of he even believes in a after life or he was just kidding around.Why did he pick 30 years?Most people I know on Facebook are in their 30s.They would be in their 60s in thirty years.Age of 60s is fairly young for this day and age. Did he mean the whole world would end in 30 years?What would I be doing the night before surgery?I doubt I'd be on Facebook.I'd probably be a nervous wreck planning my funeral.Or debating if I should have the surgery.I guess you can tell if you've read my blog I'm negative and see the glass half empty.Maybe this will change but I doubt it.
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