Tuesday, January 26, 2010

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Now understand even if they tell me everythings normal I don't believe it and I will worry about it almost every moment until Wednesday when I see the Dr crazy
I didn't hear anything so I asume rverythings ok because they usually call a person with anxiety like me wants them to tell me everythings ok
I had blood work drawn from internal medicine at st joes hospital on Tues the 19th of Jan the tests were a basic metabolism test and a1c for diabetes

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Old man favre gets his heart broken in nfc championship game now let's see how many times favre lies about being retired next year who dat superbowl bound

Super bowl

Colts end jets miracle season and cancel jets super bowl parade
Is it sexy rexy or hexy rexy Rex definitely has a hex going on the kickers everything has fallen the right way for the jets will it continue today against colts
Sexy rexy is almost giving a guarantee of a win like Joe willy namath jets already have AFC championship clothes on their website and many people are jumping on
if the colts could see into the future and see they would have to play the jets again would they still sit down their starters in the last game of the season

Monday, January 18, 2010

Dallas derailed

Collin cowherd called Wade philips the marshmello on dallas cowboys sideline.he critized wade for saying the vikings know how to run up the score.I have been a big cowboys fan all my life and i dont think the vikings ran up the score.The cowboys had a lot of hype going into the vikings game most e.s.p.n. commentators thought the cowboys were gonna win big.It was said romo finally became of age and the cowboys defense would beat favre.Obviously this didnt happen romo had no time to throw the ball and they couldnt run the ball.The defense didnt stop anyone.Wade philips sure isnt his pop bum philips and wade will probably get fired.Its ironic that rex ryans father legend buddy ryan maybe did pass down his coaching genes to his son.Its way to early to judge rex even if they do lose to the colts.On a brighter note for the cowboys Chris burman on n.f.l. blitz said this cowboy team reminded him of the 91 cowboy team,meaning they may be a couple years away from superbowl champions.Lets hope so cowboy fans.