Monday, September 1, 2008


In 2006 nami (national alliance on mental illness)GRADING THE STATES:A REPORT ON AMERICAS MENTAL HEALTHCARE SYSTEM FOR SERIOUS MENTAL ILLNESSES provided the first assessment in 15 years of publicly funded mental health services.The national average was a D.

New york was 1 of only 2 states that declined to respond to the survey.New york received the grade u for unresponsive.

In new york city and other urban centers the need for services far exceeds the supply.Contributing to criminal activity and homelessness.There are more people in rikers island than any psyciatric hospital in the country.

Ny spends 103.32 on each person for mental health spending.Ranking among the highest in the country.

Advocates agree ny has two many state hospitals 26.Decades of downsizing has created an anamaly there are two many hospitals and two few beds.There are only 4000 beds

Ny is one of a minority of states that still does not require mental health parity insurance.Timothys law a parity bill nearly passed in 2005 but stalled in the state senate.

On the positive side omh has developed a joint agreement with new york city to develop supportive housing.The plan will increase housing for 5,500 people with mental illness.These will be added to 31,000 already available.

Suicide numbers have been high in recent years so omh is investing in awareness,education and prevention.

per capita mental health spending 192.07 3rd in nation

per capita income 34,725 6th in nation

total mental health spending in millions 3,681 2nd in nation

suicide rank 49

If you want to participate in this years survey includes version in spanish