Thursday, March 4, 2010

A phone in any other name

Now I consider myself at least an average intelligent Guy.I do have lapses in judgement and at times I'm a impulsive Guy.You can ask Mr mondello the other contributer to this blog about my impulsiveness.In September I did a stupid thing I'm paying for and will pay for for a long time.I let a friend add a cellphone to my line.I took 800 dollars up front in cash money.I'm not good with money so I spent the money quickly on clothes and a video camera.My friend and I both have blackberry storms and with the blackberrys you have to have unlimited data plans.Plus we are on 1400 friends and family plan which is way to much but the plan below we went over in minutes.Now I'm stuck with this plan for at least 2 years.If I take him off I will have to pay a big cancellation fee.I'm not gonna so this again I hope but I don't always learn my lesson.Now on a some what related topic because I was a retard for doing this deal.I came across a website that wants people to sign a petition to stop the use of the word retard.sign at.
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