Friday, January 30, 2009

This is the end

Is the end of the world almost here?Is Jesus return here?Christians believe when isreal became a nation again Jesus was coming soon.People in Jesus day believed the end was near.Countless people have tried to calculate a date and sold all their possessions.Throughout history there have been wars and rumors of war earthquakes and disasters.Jesus said look up your salvation comes near when these things happen.Do we see more of these things today because the world is so connected by sattilites and the Internet or are things really getting worse.More people are leaving the church because of the corruption.I myself was raised and baptized a catholic.So was whitey we both went to catholic school all the way through.I became a Christian a couple years ago and go to a Protestant church.My family wasn't very happy about it.I'm not sure how religious whitey is I don't think very much.but the point is how much worse if the world is getting worse can it get.the climate is changing economy is changing if we get any worse I don't wanna be here.I hope Jesus does come back to save us all soon.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009


Top 10 Fast Food Delights

Food... the great equalizer.

America loves food, Americans love food, heck, humans love food. And I gotta admit, it's pretty great. Food is synonymous with eating... sounds like a simple statement, doesn't it? A real head-slapping "D'UH", huh?

But, think about it, when you see food... you think about eating it. When someone tells you about the "great dinner" they had last night, and goes on and on about the tip-top sirloin and the garlic mashed potatoes that made their knees buckle, it's hard not to think about eating. Doesn't work that way with everything. For me, I see a bicycle, I'm not thinking about riding it. Heck, I'm not even thinking about looking at it for another second.

Lots of objects have an intricate association, practically built-in... Bikes=Riding. Cars=Driving. Food=Eating. But not everyone is into biking or driving or whatever, but everyone is into eating. See food and eat it. Don't think TV advertising for fast food works? Then how the hell did McDonalds' ever sell a McRib? Those things were nasty... barely acceptable as food. And I realized that after about the twentieth McRib, when I needed a McBarf bag. But TV made them look so good, you couldn't help wanting one after seeing the ad... over and over again during Alf.

So, we are a food-loving nation of loyal tv viewers, and if you live in the northeast like me, you lie awake and night and pray for a Sonic to open in your neighborhood, or at least within a reasonable distance to drive (a Sonic within 100 miles, that would be AWESOME!)

Top 10 Fast Food Delights

10. Wendy's Chicken Nuggets - in my view, the best nuggets on the block, but better suited as a side than a main course. Goes great with Wendys' Chili!

9. Arby's Homestyle Turkey & Swiss Sandwich - might even be healthy, but despite that, still tastes good!

8. Burger King Original Chicken Sandwich - I preferred it in the old days, when it came sliced in two pieces and blazing hot... but still gets the job done today.

7. Taco Bell Chalupa - Preferably Beef Supreme, but anyway you slice it, the Gordita es muy bueno. It's ugly step cousin Gordita was once the new kid on the block, but now is the familia forgottono...

6. McDonald's Big Mac - the All-American Classic, the one that started it all. Still has a place in modern america, and perhaps goes better with French, (I mean, Liberty...) Fries than any other samwich.

5. Arby's Beef-n-Cheddar - Whoa boy, what is there to say about the beef-n-cheddar? For one thing, it's as powerful a concoction as anything ever created... for another, you best have a rest room on standby... it is fast-actin'. Yowza!

4. McDonald's Apple Pie - Another classic that was once significantly better (see deep-fried pies of the 70's, aka Warning: Contents inside are HOTTTTT!!!!) but still works. And, 2 -for-a-dollar? Yes, please!

3. Mighty Taco Hard Shell Taco - Buffalo, ny area chain is a favorite of anyone with a pulse. Buy Six (The Mighty Six Pack), include hot sauce and sour cream, and survive if it lets you. People have been known to drive the hour-distance, just for Mighty Taco. We call these people, the smartest people who have ever lived. Amen.

2. McDonald's Double-Quarter Pounder - Are you hungry? Really? Then there is no other option... loaded to the gills with onions and pickles, and nobody cares because, good-golly, thems good eats.

1. Burger King Whopper - We are a Whopper Nation. And, apparently the rest of the world agrees(according to advertisements from Burger King... Royalty had no reason to lie to it's kingdom). You can have it as a nice side (Whopper Junior), you can have it for a reasonable lunch (classic Whopper), you can have it as a good meal (Double Whopper), or you can have it as your last meal (Triple Whopper... you gotta be kiddin' me!).

Final Note: Being an upstate-ny resident, there are several fast-food chains that I have not had the pleasure of enjoying, and some that I've had far too little of. Included for their exclusion: Sonic, White Castle, Jack-in-the-Box, In & Out, Carl's Jr... and more I don't know of.

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Site Update

hey gang! It's Whitey Mandello here, and at the bequest of site founder and historian, Gilbert Vaio, I'm posting to let you folks know about all the great things going on here at... so far, so good, so what.

For one thing, we have a new banner! What do you think? Radical or Awesome? Fun or Exciting? I know, I know, it's all of those things... and more! And it's only the beginning... also new to the site are video blogs, from GILBERT VAIO himself! In the hidden-flesh and bad hats, and everything! Now, you can get all the thoughts, opinions, news and views, and whatever else is on his mind, direct from his mind, thru his voice... and camera! Amazing stuff! Feel free to post your thoughts on his video blogs, 'cause if I know Gilbert, and I kinda do, what he really wants to know is whether or not you like his hat(s). Please, please, please, ... let him know. Comment away! Let me be the first... (clears throat)..." your hats are gay"... end disposition.

Anyway, the basic point is, were here to have fun, start lively conversations about the cowboys and legionairres disease, and more! So, join in, comment away, and be sure to send Gilbert your picture and social security number (just for fun, okay?)

Peace out!

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Saturday, January 24, 2009


This is me gilbertvaio experimenting with my dxg -567v hd mini video camera if it works out i can make more video commentaries please tell me your feedback

Legionnaires disease lawsuit filed

Attorney Christina sonsire of the ziff law firm in Elmira ny filed a lawsuit against the Elmira housing authority,waterboard,and city of Elmira over the deadly outbreak of legionnaires disease last summer at flannery towers.The lawsuit was filed in behalf of flannery residents Gail e McKinley,Ann schwab,Mary jane wittman and the estate of Anna marie tongate.In all 13 residents had confirmed cases of legionnaires disease in addition to tongate who died august 14th and Mary kay barnett died september 10th.Housing authority attorney James young said the negligence claim is invalid because the housing authority did everything in it's power to contain the outbreak once it knew what it was dealing with.The lawfurm flew in expert Mathew freije from San diego to inspect the water system.They were turned away by the housing authority because they were video taping which wasn't part of the agreement.A court appearance is scheduled for feb 20th

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fixing my blog

My blog so far so good so what has almost been around a year.I started it march 2008.I have enjoyed reading many peoples blogs on blogger and I've enjoyed blogging.This is the first blog I ever did I appreciate the people who have visited my site.My site is going through some changes now that I have a little more experience.I have also asked a friend of mine who has a lot of experience to help me with my blog.I hope I can improve my blog so more people would enjoy my blog.I would appreciate feedback on what people think of my blog thanks-TOny

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

these are two of the pictures i created with free ipod applications morph 123 lite and juxtaposer jr.These are great apps and they are free.You can enhance your pictures sharpen,lighten,crop 3-d effects copy paste pictures on top of each other special visual effects collage almost anything free.I would recommend these applications they are really fun.

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weis market reduced and froze their prices on many commonly used items and they added cheaper prescription prices.Weis is in a bad section of elmira and people are scared to shop there at night.Many incidents have happened at weis for years.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


james mirando executive director of the elmira housing authority talking at a tenants meeting about hud inspections

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I have had more trouble with myself than with any other man

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Monday, January 5, 2009


No person really becomes a fool until he or she stops asking questions

When somebody says thats a good question you can be sure its a lot better than the answer your going to get
E.C. Mckenzie

Sunday, January 4, 2009

unanswered prayer

when the gods wish to punish us they answer our prayers
oscar wilde

good when he gives supremely good nor less when he denies e'en crosses from his sovereign hand are blessings in disguise
james harvey

Saturday, January 3, 2009


We carry checks on the banks of heaven and never cash them at the window of prayer
Vance havner

Friday, January 2, 2009

Start ,2009

Start 2009 with JEsus the
Divine who healed the sick and cured the blind we once were blind but now we see thank JEsus for dying on the tree

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009

I hope 2009 is better than 2008 maybe the lord will come before 2009 is over we won't have to worry about things