Sunday, July 25, 2010

American disability act

The Americans With disabilities act was signed into law on July 26 1990 twenty years ago tomorrow. It was signed by president George. H.w bush. The Ada is a wide ranging civil rights law that prohibits under certain circumstances discrimination based on disabilities. It is similiar to the 1964 civil rights act which made discrimination based on race, religion, sex, national origin illegal. More than 100 groups worked together to ensure its passage. If you want helpful information about the act and to even watch the video of the signing go to

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scribadiva said...

Great Post. Any lawsuits challenging Medicare for covering 55% of mental health issues? They went up 5%, and it's definitely ADA non-compliant.
IN any case, I tried posting on Bloggers Unite, and I am asking if people are interested, since it needs attention. Please consider Sept 17th, Millennium Development Goals/ I think you can offer a unique perspective. Just check B Unite and click on my picture or go to It's important on a global scale, and it isn't getting enough attention. I have your feed posted on my blog; it updates any changes, just the title and a blurb. I'm not calling in favors: thank you for offering, but it's not necessary. You are very Blog-worthy. you don't owe me anything! It's a pleasure talking about your blog.
I do have a couple of people to send; I'll have to check first to see if they've been here.
Remember: Only do this if you are interested, and you have the time. I'm asking a number of people, and I won't be offended--even I am over-extended.
May your always swim in CLEAN, Sweet Tides Linda

scribadiva said...

Tony, et. al. You may want comment moderation. I didn't want to do it, but I got seriously spammed by a pharmacy and of course, sex. I find them hard to get rid of. Just an idea. Allowing anonymous posting is still here, and that's in the spirit of open blogging. Linda