Friday, April 2, 2010


walk a mile in my shoes is a community wide suicide awareness event.The fifth annual walk will be held on saturday may 8th 2010 at eldridge park in elmira ny.PLEASE GET INVOLVED
chemung county crisis line 607-737-5369
national suicide prevention lifeline 1800-273-talk


The Razors Edge said...

Suicide is such a misunderstood thing, I'm really glad that there is an increase of awarness and support to try to understand and help those who are considering taking their own life.........great post

Ivy and Haley said...

That you for posting this! Suicide needs to be deglamorized, as soon as possible. One thing that I don't think is really discussed is how SELFISH it is. Those contemplating suicide should realize that their last act of living would be to destroy everyone that loves them. That's not glamorous at all.

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James Hessler (James James The Tartan Trickster) said...

My wife works for a care company here in Adelaide and supports families in crisis, some of them on the edge as it were. I reckon any support and further understanding that is shown and given is all good. Thanks for the share
James James