Thursday, August 20, 2009


I was listening to mike and mike in the morning on Tuesday.They had a special guest host Dennis Leary from rescue me subsituting for Mike golic.Leary quoted mother Theresa about how shed take money from saints or sinners.This was in reference to Michael vick is he really remorsful and doing charity work for the right reason.Leary said it didn't make a difference vick was still helping the cause of animal abuse.At Paul made a similiar statement in the bible implying it dosent matter how the gospel gets out as long as it gets out and saves people.Do people agree?


Shinade aka Jackie said...

Hi Tony,
Thanks for the add. I really enjoyed your music. I am with Entrecard and they don't allow music.

I use to play music on my blog all the time. But, I get so much traffic from them that I can't afford to not stay with them.

As to this question it is a difficult one to answer. i was raised a Southern Baptist 2nd only to the Catholic Church for good old fashion fear of God teaching and guilt.

First of all you say Paul implies and that is different from saying it right out. Some may read it as implied and others may not.

I think there is some truth that as long as the work or good deed is getting done then that is a good thing.

Yet how can one truly learn or teach something with real and true passion if it's not really in their heart?

I can't give a definitive answer here. It would take someone much higher than me to judge.

I hope you have a great weekend and I also hope you will drop by my blog also!!

Happy weekend,

Ann Martin said...

Yes, I agree that in the long run it doesn't matter if Vick is truly remorseful, (although we would all like for him to be a "changed man" from this experience). The animals are getting help and that's a good thing.