Saturday, August 29, 2009


Salem the cat likes to go on the internet.His favorite sites are where he can meet some cute female cats.he also likes going on because hes a big yankee fan.He likes to check out the blogger blogs to and see all the new blogs.


Tricia said...

Is Salem going to write blog posts of his own?

Ciss B said...

How cute!

Rosina at Middle Ageless said...

lol, a CAT blogging? Now that's a first. Of course, I blog all the time. I'm just learning to spell, so I don't make much sense. Today, I met a cat for the very first time on the street. I jumped ten feet. Mom couldn't figure out how I knew immediately it wasn't a dog. I was so scared that I shrieked and bolted. Mom says this is a very good blog and she is adding it to her blogroll. It made her laugh. Luv Bailey (14 weeks, mini schnauzer, handsome as heck...)

Missy Ricco said...


Hey not so unusual these days, one of the guys at work has a log in on his server for his dog. Yes, he's a bit of a nerd (the owner, not the dog; I'm sure the dog is super cool).