Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I wonder what pet people would rather have a cat or a dog.I have had both I first had a dog who lived to be 14 we just put her to sleep. Now I have a cat I haven't been around many cats but they are aloof and aren't as friendly as dogs are cats pownce and jump all around and on top of things.Cats are cleaner they go to the bathroom in a litter box and they don't beg for food they like their own food.Dogs are mans best friend loyal and loving and playful they are harder to potty train and have to be taken out to the bathroom.They also beg for food and make you feel guilty not giving them any.Both have good and bad points but I think I miss my dog more what do you like better?send comments

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Kelly said...

I have a dog and I love him! I have never had a cat, but I don't want one. I do not like their unfriendliness or the fact that they jump up on EVERYTHING!