Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cowboys need win bad this weekend

Cowboys have a big game against the giants Sunday.The cowboys need the win in order to have even a slight chance of making the playoffs.The cowboys are in turmoil with Owens acting out against his quarterback like he did in sanfransisco and Philly the giants don't want to lose two games in a row this late in the season this is a huge game for the cowboys that may have implications for years to come


JimTrice said...

You contacted me via Twine and I followed through to this website. I went to the Apple store this afternoon to learn a little more about putting up a website, and will be working on it a little alter this afternoon. I'm having a little problem seeing what Twine is good for. When I first went there, there was a music site (or catagory)but when I returned later it was gone. I like music and video production. Check you later

kdoodler said...

the irony of a new yorker rooting against the new york giants, not much of a regional supporter lol