Tuesday, October 7, 2008

DEBATE 10/7/08

Tell me if im wrong but i think McCain was saying he wants to cut entilments like ssd and ssi and food stamps and welfare.Many people really need those programs He said he dosent wanna cut veterans programs i dont feel thats fair.McCain seems very stiff like a puppet to me and a big phony what do you guys think.

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lukie said...

You have to understand that with welfare, SSI and food stamps there are a lot of people taking advantage of these "hand-outs". Tax payers are tired of supporting others when they can barely support themselves. There has to be more accountability for people using these services.

Why would you be upset that he doesn't want to cut veterans benefits? Those are the men and women that have put themselves on the line to protect the US. If it were not for those veterans there would be no welfare system.

I understand your position that the citizens need to take care of people with disabilities, and I agree.

McCain is stiff because of war injuries that make swift movements impossible. So I guess you could view McCain as a man with a disability.

Just remember that with every handout someone has to pay for it. The government gets every penny from tax payers.