Monday, September 15, 2008


In june Obama led Mccain by 18 points.He led the race 51-33 in percentage ponts.In july the lead decreased to 13 august decreased the lead to 8.Now 7 weeks till the election the race is down to only 5 percentage points.The poll done today was by siena college.
On six questions concerning current events economy,iraq,terrorism,healthcare,americas position in the world and education.Voters believed Obama would do a better job on four of them.
On six attributes voters look for in choosing a canadate :compassion,patriotism,intelligence,experience,integrity and leadership.NY voters give the edge to MCcain in four of them.
NY has long been regarded as a safe state for the democrats.

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Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you are a republican or a democrat?
I am neither...I am a Canadian so even if I did won't matter over there.