Sunday, August 17, 2008

starting over with vesid

When you are part of supported employment (capabilities) and you are fired or quit a job you and your job coach have 12 weeks to find another job or they close your case.When your case is closed you start the whole process over again.You have to go to vesid and fill out paper work and get an intake interview.Vesid has 90 days to decide to open your case or not.If you are open then you have another intake appointment and decide if you want to work or get training or school.If you choose work you go to capabilities and do another intake with a lot of paper work and develop your work plan jobs youd like and not like and your working goals.Then you go to meet your employment specialist and go over your work plan and goals and you get started on finding a job. I was fired feb 8 and had my first appointment with my job coach aug 10 the process takes about 6 months but it is worth it. this is a link to vesid

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